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Why Choose Our Legal Marketing Services

Anyone can make promises. With us, you get a more scientific approach: we do not take on a client until we are sure that we can deliver meaningful results. How do we do that?

Our law firm marketing agency assesses the demand for your services online in your market. Next, we estimate how much of that demand we can deliver to you over time, considering your current positioning, the competitiveness of your market, and your budget. Finally, we estimate the number of inquiries and clients, and the ROI you can expect on your law firm marketing investment.

Why Invest in Online Marketing for Law Firm Today?

Attorney internet marketing could be a key to your success. Because your prospects are looking for your services online, and your competitors are eating your lunch. Every client you lose to them is not just lost revenue. It’s a lost referral. It’s a lost positive online review. It’s another day wondering where new clients will come from.

Plus, high-performance law firm online marketing is free: unlike cheap marketing that wastes time and money, high-performance online marketing pays for itself and generates profits.

Who We Help

Since 2008, our team has been helping grow law firms within a wide range of practice areas, from corporate and estate planning to personal injury, immigration to criminal defense, and beyond. Please view our portfolio of clients that have grown their teams and increased caseloads with our expert strategies for legal practices.

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Always start with a clear path to results. Let’s talk about your firm, your goals, and past marketing challenges. Then we’ll develop and deliver a specific plan of how we will help you achieve them.

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Law Firm Online Marketing Services

5 Effective Steps for Growing Online Your Law Firm

How digital marketing for law firm works? Each law practice is unique based on location, practice areas, competitive landscape, and type of clientele. We broach each legal marketing project with a tailored approach designed for your firm’s individual needs.

True, a great deal of technical work goes into executing a proper internet marketing strategy for lawyers, but at its core, five simple steps are ever-present in each of our powerful campaigns.

step 1

Legal Marketing Strategies That Work

Since 2008, we’ve been honing digital marketing strategies for the legal services industry. We understand the unique challenges law firms face in achieving search engine and market domination. With this in mind, we have tailored a suite of solutions for attorneys that deliver real results.

How to set up online marketing campaigns for lawyers to get results? We begin each project with a full discovery including an assessment of your legal practice area, competitive and market analysis, revenue goals, and budget. We audit your existing legal website (if you have one) and craft a strategy to grow your law firm’s caseload, and, thereby revenue, for years to come.

step 2

Beautiful, Conversion-Friendly Website Design For Attorney Website

Online marketing for law firms should start from the right website design. You don’t simply want a great-looking website, you want a business tool that actually delivers results. Because, at the end of the day, that is what a website is meant to do: drive traffic and revenue through your door.

We have more than a dozen years of experience developing high-caliber websites for law firms of every size, in nearly every practice area, around the country. Simply put, our websites for attorneys attract and convert web visitors into actionable opportunities.

We begin by assessing your current attorney website (if you have one) performance and draft a plan for your new website. We take into account site functionality, proper user experience and client-journey, site navigation, SEO and more. With a high-performance website underpinning your legal practice, you will start to generate lasting results in the forms of increased clients and revenue.

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step 3

SEO for Attorneys

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an incredibly powerful part of your digital marketing toolkit. Proper SEO is required to penetrate, and eventually, dominate Google and other search engines to make your law practice more findable for prospective clients.

As prospects search for answers to their legal questions and/or specific law firms relevant to their needs, SEO ensures that your firm will show up on the first page of their search engine. Good SEO services for lawyers do not cut it and won’t generate revenue. Expert SEO services specifically tailored for lawyers, however, can deliver strong search engine rankings and excellent ROI.

SEO is about ensuring that your legal practice ranks highly on Google, Bing and other search engines, outranking your competitors’ websites. Selecting an SEO team with experience in Google’s search algorithms is crucial, as is finding a team with expertise in search engine optimization for lawyer, specifically. Comrade is fortunate enough to have just some experts on our team.

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step 4

Content Production & Marketing

Attorneys SEO relies on several core components, and one of them is content marketing. Whether it’s important information about your practice areas on your web pages, email marketing efforts, or blog posts, content is critical in elevating your authoritative ranking on search engines.

Busy lawyers have little time to write blog posts for their website, yet content is proven to deliver clients. Trusting in a law firm marketing agency to handle your content efforts is an excellent investment in your overall growth strategy.

Our team of copywriters and subject matter experts will ensure that your content is accurate, timely, and above all, compelling. Let us show you how streamlined and effective content marketing can be. You’ll be impressed with the return on investment.

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step 5

Digital Advertising for Attorneys

Our PPC and retargeting campaigns are specially tailored for law firms to deliver the highest ROI in the industry. If you need to increase your client roster quickly, a properly executed digital advertising strategy is one of the fastest ways to attract prospective clients. Comrade’s team comprises experts in digital advertising to move your campaign fast.

If you are unsure about the power of online advertising, consider that PPC yields a 200% return on investment. Retargeting ads perform ten-fold better than that. Your legal practice area will help us determine the right channels for your advertising campaign to be most effective. Best of all, you only pay when a prospect clicks on one of your ads, making it a highly cost-effective tool in your marketing arsenal.

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Law Firm Reputation Management

In a way, a positive online review is more powerful than a referral. Instead of bringing you one client, it can bring you dozens. The firms that have more positive reviews than their competitors, tend to get a lot more business: success breeds success. Get Comrade to help you get more positive reviews from your happy clients, and handle negative ones with dignity.

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Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook: let’s face it, prospects do not use these platforms to look for lawyers. However, you’d be surprised how many of your potential clients will look you upon at least one of those before contacting you. At Comrade, we can develop and execute a social media plan that lets you use these look-ups to get more business.

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Not Sure Where to Begin With Your Law Firm Marketing?

Contact us for a full digital marketing assessment. Our insights will help provide clarity and a path forward.

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How We Help

Why Lawyers Choose Our Legal Marketing Services

Marketing a law firm requires an agency with skill, tenacity, and attention to detail. With locations in Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles, our team serves attorneys nationwide to help them achieve unimaginable results through custom digital marketing campaigns tailored to fit their every need.

  • We’re consistently nominated as the best SEO company in Chicago
  • We have attorneys on our board who provide us with priceless advice and guidance on what it takes for attorneys to dominate their sector
  • We have over 12 years of SEO experience in addition to 100+ successful projects in our portfolio
  • We’re committed to working side-by-side with you to help you achieve long-term business success
  • We have an impressive portfolio with law firms that have grown substantially with our campaigns
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“Over the lapse of the year, leads have significantly increased thus increasing the amount of work and revenue generated, leading to the expansion of our team. Comrade provided excellent service; they’ve been on time, remained within budget, and provided a great ROI”

Loren Barr / Partner / Barr & Young Attorneys
Loren Barr / Partner / Barr & Young Attorneys

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Web Design & Digital Marketing Questions Law Firms Ask

Which type of law firms do you specialize in?

We specialize in a wide array of legal practice areas including but not limited to: estate planning, corporate, criminal defense, personal injury, tort, family law, immigration, probate, and more.

My law firm already has a website. Now what?

The first thing we'll do is assess your current website and gauge its performance. If it's working well, we can focus on digital marketing efforts only, however, if we find inefficiencies in your current website design, we'll provide a full, detailed assessment on what it will take to bring your site up to speed.

Does your internet marketing for law firms come with a guarantee?

We are among the few law firm marketing agencies in the nation to offer a guarantee on our services. Please schedule a call to discuss our special plans where we commence work at 50% of your budgeted rate (not including advertising spend) until we generate a clearly outlined set of results for your law firm, at which point in time we will charge your full monthly rate.

What's the advantage of hiring your online marketing agency instead of one of your many competitors?

Our performance guarantee is practically unheard of in the industry and is one of the many things that sets us apart from our competition. We believe this guarantee proves how sure we are of our expertise and ability to deliver your law firm the results it needs. Our agency has been operating for more than 12 years and has deep expertise serving clients in the legal profession. Please visit our portfolio to see the types of lawyers websites with which we work and how we've been able to generate results that matter.

How much do your legal marketing services cost?

We focus on high ROI marketing that facilitates maximum growth. Typically, smaller attorney firms can pay anywhere between $2,000-$5,000 per month while larger legal practices with aggressive marketing campaigns can have a digital marketing budget that exceeds $14,000 per month. It really depends on your size, budget and needs.

How long before a law firm sees an increased caseload from marketing efforts?

It truly depends on how aggressive your marketing campaign is and whether you'll be implementing PPC and other forms of paid advertising. This is because PPC generates results quickly, while SEO is a long-term strategy. Our recommendation is to tackle your campaign from both ends -- with PPC and SEO working in tandem. Generally speaking, however, clients start to see a tangible increase in qualified leads and client-case load from the three-month mark, onward.

Average clients see a 4.5x ROI

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  • Backlink quality (and determine if any may lead to penalties on Google)
  • SEO performance based on 20 unique factors
  • Content performance
  • Conversion rate (how many website visitors become client leads)

Each performance evaluation comes with a plan of action to help generate positive results for your law practice.

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