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eCommerce Marketing Solutions That Convert Traffic Into Paying Customers

eCommerce businesses face many challenges. Competition is fierce. Getting visibility, maximizing conversions, and doing it all at a respectable profit margin is a science.

An effective eCommerce marketing team can help you solve these problems formulaically by applying years of cross-industry experience and dialed-in tactics into traffic, customers, and profit.

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Why Choose Comrade Digital Marketing for eCommerce

Because having a team of eCommerce digital marketing experts on your side will give you an extra competitive edge. Comrade’s specialists based in Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles have over 11 years of experience in eCommerce marketing. Need a high-performance website? Check. Get more traffic? You got it! Improve conversions? Been there done that; will do it for you.

And, Comrade’s marketing services will come out free at the end, because we’ll generate a high return on investment that will more than pay for your marketing fees.

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For 12 years running, we’ve helped B2B and B2C eCommerce businesses in a wide range of industries overcome every type of challenge, increase their revenue, and grow their companies beyond what they thought possible.

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To Get the Results You Need, You Must Have the Right eCommerce Marketing Plan

Request a complimentary blueprint (with top eCommerce marketing tactics) that will show how, together, we will help your eCommerce business reach the next level

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5 Powerful eCommerce Marketing Solutions

eCommerce businesses require a unique set of marketing solutions to effectively deal with the unique challenges they face and grow revenue.

At the heart of every successful digital marketing campaign for eCommerce brands are five straightforward, yet incredibly effective steps. Be sure to implement the following solutions in your own eCommerce and you’ll be glad you did.

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eCommerce Marketing Strategy That Tracks Results

A full discovery phase is the cornerstone of all our eCommerce marketing campaigns, beginning with an audit of your business, revenue goals, market landscape, buyer’s journey, and more. Only once we can map out an attainable plan for success, complete with measurable goals to which we’re held accountable, do we sign on a new eCommerce marketing client. Make sure that any agency you hire does this.

We are among the few specialized eCommerce marketing agencies in the nation. As eCommerce is our specialty, we understand how critical it is to start a project by first creating a robust strategy with measurable goals.


High-Powered eCommerce Web Design

Properly built websites are crucial to any business, but that is true 100-fold for an eCommerce. Your website is truly the foundation of your business, and any errors in website design or development will add up to a costly sum in lost revenue.

You need a high-performance website to maximize your conversion rate and seamlessly perform essential functions like engage buyers, track inventory, and help support your sales staff. Your site must also be beautiful, fast, easy to navigate and convey trustworthiness.

Our team has decades of combined experience working with eCommerce brands in just about every industry and is versed in all the best eCommerce platforms available. We’ll walk you through which one is right for your unique business and develop a site that makes sales processing a breeze for your staff and a pleasure for your customers.

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eCommerce SEO Services

SEO is what allows your eCommerce business to be found online. And, simply put, poor website findability equates to poor sales. Ranking high on search engines, meanwhile, will transform your business and increase your revenue. We have helped many eCommerce clients secure first-page positions on Google and can very likely do the same for your business.

SEO is how your business will stand out from the competition, but to be successful, you need a team with experience in Google’s search algorithms and the latest search methodology. We are experts in all aspects of SEO including:
technical, in which we ensure your website is optimized and positioned to be properly indexed by Google;
content marketing, which ensures compelling, informative copy enables your website to be “findable” on search engines; backlink building, through which trusted websites link back to your website, and more.

Rather than look for experts in each of these disciplines, you can hire our full-service eCommerce digital marketing agency that executes all aspects of SEO directly in-house.

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Content Marketing for eCommerce Shops

Content marketing is both an essential component of SEO and how you communicate with your customers. Product & category pages, landing pages, blogs, expert guides, emails, and even social media ads are all part of your content marketing efforts. Prospects have questions about your products and through content marketing, you can preemptively answer those questions, driving them to your website and converting them into paying customers. This methodology, known as, “They Ask, We Answer,” is proven effective at increasing search rankings, organic traffic, customer trust, and revenue.

At Comrade, we generate content that answers your customers’ most pressing questions in a way that adds value to their lives and drives organic traffic, and, revenue, to your website. Our portfolio features dozens of eCommerce companies that have trusted us with their content marketing strategies, with stellar results. Content marketing is a powerful way to build brand loyalty and increase revenue in tandem.

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eCommerce Digital Advertising

PPC delivers a staggering 200% return on advertising spend and retargeting ads perform even better. PPC and retargeting ads are fantastic when you need to generate sales, fast. With these compelling stats in mind, it pays to consider adding PPC and retargeting to your digital marketing arsenal.

Take advantage of Comrade’s comprehensive eCommerce advertising strategies tailored to deliver a significant return on your investment. Our eCommerce digital advertising experts will assess the type, quantity, and length of ad-run needed to see results. As always, with PPC, your expenses are managed tightly, as you’re only charged when a prospect actually clicks on your ad.

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eCommerce E-mail Marketing

According to research, roughly half of all abandoned shopping cart emails are opened, and over one-third of those clicked-on lead directly to a purchase on the home website. We will develop an email marketing strategy for your small business including content, delivery set-up, and email automation. Be sure to leverage this cost-effective, high-ROI tool.

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eCommerce Social Media Marketing

Find customers, build communities, create fans: with eCommerce social media marketing, you can reach a lot more people who are looking for what you’re selling. Through clever targeting, engaging wording, promoting special deals, and encouraging reviews, we can get your social media to drive sales numbers.

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Unsure how to start your Marketing strategy?

Reach out for a full, eCommerce digital marketing audit. The data we gather will help us craft an expert plan to grow your eCommerce revenue.

Reach out to us at (312) 265-0580 or contact us online to schedule your free audit.

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How We Help

Why Choose our eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency

Our team comprises the best eCommerce experts in the industry, each with a wealth of experience in SEO, web design and development, copywriting, revenue growth, advertising, and more.

We become trusted partners with all our clients, and their success is our success. Digital marketing for eCommerce is unique to other industries and requires a team with specific experience in growing eCommerce revenue.

We believe in accountability. Each month, we deliver performance reports measured against your specific business drivers and KPIs.

We offer a guarantee unheard of in the marketing industry. We stand behind our work for your peace of mind. We’ll commence work for 50% of your project’s budget until we meet your KPIs.

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eCommerce Digital Marketing Services in Chicago | Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

We worked with Comrade Digital Marketing Agency for digital marketing / SEO and the team was stellar in terms of quick responses and being able to pivot fast for helping us with whatever we needed. Always willing to get creative and jump in where they could help!

Alexandra / CMO / Savory Spice
Alexandra / CMO / Savory Spice
eCommerce Digital Marketing Services in Chicago | Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

Can’t say enough good things about this team! After getting a top-level introduction to Comrade’s capabilities in terms of e-Commerce development, I scoped a major project with them that had been several years in the making. With any ecommerce development project of this scale and visibility, I wanted to make sure I was investing wisely; and I was frankly nervous about using an agency I had never worked with before. Comrade’s team really impressed me in the pitching process and even more so once they were awarded the project – making me feel as if the quality of the end product was as important to them as it was to me.

Every step of the way, they beat me to the punch in organization, timeliness, responsiveness, best practice auditing, etc. etc. I was amazed at how quickly they tuned into the specific business challenges we needed to address with the site and how nimble and solution-oriented they were throughout the planning and development phases. I’m in the process of scoping another project with Comrade now and plan to use them again and again. My experience was that good.

Amanda / VP of Marketing / Europa Eyewear
Amanda / VP of Marketing / Europa Eyewear
eCommerce Digital Marketing Services in Chicago | Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

Oh Comrade! Where to even begin? American Tent worked with Comrade Digital Marketing Agency initially for our new website and then for digital marketing. If you want to be pushed to the very limit of what your company is capable of–and then see that you can actually do so much more, the tough lovers at Comrade Digital Marketing Agency are for you. They look at all aspects of your brand with unsentimental eyes, calmly evaluate the state of your business, and then develop a plan that will get results. And it’s not just a plan: It’s a multi-strategy approach. When you work with Comrade Digital Marketing agency, you get one or two people who are your account managers and then what feels like an army of behind the scenes workers who seem to be superhumanly passionate about things like SEO, digital marketing, aesthetics, content, and UX design.

Elizabeth / CMO / American Tent
Elizabeth / CMO / American Tent

All you need to know about eCommerce marketing


Web Design & Digital Marketing Questions
Ecommerce Businesses Ask

What type of ecommerce businesses do you help?

We help a wide variety of B2B and B2C eCommerce businesses and have helped our diverse clients overcome every type of challenge. We help large enterprise organizations, but the majority of our clients comprise small to midsized eCommerce shops between generating $1M - $10M in revenue

Do you perform eCommerce website redesigns?

Absolutely. We test your existing website's performance against industry standards and best practices. If we find that there are discrepancies in site performance, we will definitely suggest a site redesign. We also do full-scale platform migrations.

Do you offer a guarantee on eCommerce marketing services?

Proving our clients with peace of mind is paramount. As a priority, we stand behind our work with a guarantee rarely, if ever, offered in the digital marketing industry. Please schedule a consultation to learn more about our special package where we take on your project at half the agreed-upon budget until we meet your KPIs, at which point we revert to the normal monthly retainer.

What's the advantage of hiring your digital marketing agency over one of your many competitors?

First and foremost, we are trusted by our clients and have a proven track record of successful projects (please see our portfolio and case studies for details). We are respected by our peers (having been the recipient of mulltipe industry awards for excellence). We offer our clients a truly precedent-setting guarantee. We specialize in eCommerce marketing. We offer all of our solutions in-house -- no outsourcing. This means you'll get a truly comprehensive marketing effort, complete with experts in SEO, PPC, content, advertising, business strategy, web design and development, and more. We are transparent and accountable to you, the client, every step of the way.

How much do your ecommerce marketing services cost?

We specialize in eCommerce marketing that delivers a high return on investment. That said, your particular budget will depend on how quickly you want to grow. We offer comprehensive, eCommerce marketing solutions ranging from $2,850-$6,250 per month and higher, for larger companies or those seeking more aggressive efforts.

How long before my eCommerce sees results from our marketing campaign?

While certain marketing channels take a longer time to ramp up but provide a steady stream of qualified traffic (think SEO), other avenues offer fast-acting results (think PPC). With this in mind, the solutions we've implemented on your particular project will ultimately determine how quickly you start to see results. On average, our eCommerce clients typically see real results ramp up from around the 90-day mark, and sooner with PPC campaigns.

Average clients see a 4.5x ROI

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  • Content performance
  • Conversion rate (how many website visitors become client leads)

Each performance evaluation comes with a plan of action to help generate positive results for your law practice.

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