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Our digital marketing experts have put together thousands of successful digital marketing campaigns resulting in leads, phone calls, transactions, and qualified website traffic increase. Start by requesting a free strategy proposal

Our Digital Marketing Expertise

Over a decade of experience with hundreds of successful projects, all our services are laser focused to deliver one primary goal: to increase your business revenue.

Web Design Services

Empower your business with a high-performance website

Your website is the heart and soul of your business and the engine of its online presence. It’s where you introduce the world to your brand and where you inspire visitors to take action. Comrade began as a Chicago-based web design company and has grown to become a full service with a team of highly skilled specialists dedicated to designing the most robust website for your business that generates traffic and coverts leads into paying customers.

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Web Development Services

Transform your website into an effective business tool

We offer stellar digital marketing services and a full suite of solutions to transform your business for the better. At heart, we’re a Chicago-based web development company that knows what it takes to build a high-performance marketing vehicle for your business. With the right website, we know that you can realize tangible revenue growth in real-time.

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WordPress Websites

Leverage the power of a website you can fully control

Developing high-performance corporate WordPress websites is at the heart and soul of our business. Indeed, many informational websites choose WordPress for the incredibly high-level of flexibility and SEO-friendliness the platform affords. But we also work with variety of other great platforms and third party plugins and tools, depending on each client’s unique goals and functional requirements. Contact us to find out which platform is best for your website’s requirements.

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Ecommerce Websites

We’re experts in building eCommerce sites that convert

From B2B manufacturing to maternity wear; gourmet confections to HVAC equipment, we work with a diverse range of eCommerce clients, helping them find the right eCommerce website platform for their unique business model so that their business grows steadily, year over year.

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Digital Marketing Services

Attract more customers

The real power of Comrade Digital Marketing is our passion for and expertise in growing companies from nearly every sector. As a full-service agency, we leverage every tool at our disposal to engage your ideal prospects and generate more qualified leads. All of this, in turn, leads to tangible growth in your sales and revenue. Plain and simple.

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SEO Services

Generate greater inbound traffic that grows your revenue

According to the latest analysis by marketing research firms, Google is responsible for 94% percent of all organic search traffic and up to 80% of online users focus solely on organic search to find the products, services and information they need. This means that a robust SEO strategy is critical for online businesses. Comrade has been an SEO expert for 12+ years running and combined we’ve generated over $50M in revenue for our SEO clients. And, we’re the first agency around to offer a guarantee on our SEO services. Contact us today to find out more.

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PPC Services

We lower your cost-per-click and substantially increase your ROI

According to Google, businesses earn $2 for every $1 they spend in AdWords. And Comrade’s clients achieve even greater results, sometimes earning a staggering $10 for every dollar invested in PCC. That is truly meaningful return on ad spend and very much worth exploring. There are different forms of PPC ads and each yield considerable ROI for our clients. PPC, when applied strategically by our experts and in combination with SEO and content linking to a high-performance website, is a critical part of our winning formula for increasing our clients’ revenue.

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More Than a Vendor

When you hire Comrade, your company adds no less than 8 experts, working for your business at a fraction of the cost, and delivering results every month.


Diverse industries.
Common challenges.
Stone Fabrication

For four years running, Granite Selection has entrusted its business to Comrade. We began with a full company rebranding and high performance website as the bedrock for our ongoing digital marketing campaign. Based on organic traffic and qualified leads, Granite Selection is now one of the leading stone fabricators -- not just in Chicagoland, but in the entire U.S.

Digital Marketing + Website Design

Granite Selection

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Gaps in your marketing and website performance result in decreased traffic and, in turn, sales. Our comprehensive, multi-focused analysis will reveal all of these gaps and chart a roadmap for scaling up revenue.


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Why Choose Comrade as your Digital Marketing Partner

  • We never take on a new project unless we can document how we’ll deliver results.
  • We analyze our client’s data and forecast how, exactly, our services will facilitate growth.
  • We stand behind our work and are the only digital marketing agency to guarantee results.
  • We are your digital marketing partner and masters of inbound strategy, working hand-in-hand to deliver long term success.
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Digital Marketing & Web Design Company | Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency is excellent to work with; they are efficient and knowledgeable in web design and digital marketing services. Our weekly meetings were always on time, and they had completed what they promised. We began the bulk of our project just as the Covid-19 shutdowns began, but you would never have known. The Comrade Digital Marketing Agency team didn’t slow down and were as punctual as ever. The end results were everything we had hoped for!
Thank you, Comrade!

Tyler / President / Europa Eyewear Canada
Tyler / President / Europa Eyewear Canada
Digital Marketing & Web Design Company | Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

Professional web design and digital marketing company, that clearly understands e-commerce and has been a strategic partner in our company growth

Jo Ann / COO / Blackhawk Supply
Jo Ann / COO / Blackhawk Supply
Digital Marketing & Web Design Company | Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

Oh Comrade! Where to even begin? American Tent worked with Comrade Digital Marketing Agency initially for our new website and then for digital marketing. If you want to be pushed to the very limit of what your company is capable of–and then see that you can actually do so much more, the tough lovers at Comrade Digital Marketing Agency are for you. They look at all aspects of your brand with unsentimental eyes, calmly evaluate the state of your business, and then develop a plan that will get results. And it’s not just a plan: It’s a multi-strategy approach. When you work with Comrade Digital Marketing agency, you get one or two people who are your account managers and then what feels like an army of behind the scenes workers who seem to be superhumanly passionate about things like SEO, digital marketing, aesthetics, content, and UX design.

Elizabeth / CMO / American Tent
Elizabeth / CMO / American Tent
Digital Marketing & Web Design Company | Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

We worked with Comrade Digital Marketing Agency for digital marketing / SEO and the team was stellar in terms of quick responses and being able to pivot fast for helping us with whatever we needed. Always willing to get creative and jump in where they could help!

Alexandra / CMO / Savory Spice
Alexandra / CMO / Savory Spice
Digital Marketing & Web Design Company | Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

The website traffic has increased by about thirty to forty percent as a result of Comrade Digital Marketing Agency’s work. The team has provided quality work and knowledge in both the web design and development side of building a website.

Michael / CMO / Digital Ad Agency
Michael / CMO / Digital Ad Agency

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Web Design & Digital Marketing
Questions our Clients are typically Asking

How does your Digital Marketing Process works?

Research. Strategy. Action. Tracking Growth. These are the core steps of all our digital marketing and web development campaigns. The first step, research, entails gathering all of the critical data needed to properly assess our client's current pain points and growth plans in relation to their current competitive industry landscape. The second step is devising a strategy that will overcome any potential obstacles and achieve that client's revenue goals. The third step is putting that plan into action quickly, strategically, efficiently. The next step is accountability - tracking our progress against KPIs and adjusting our plan of action if and when needed.

What industries do you specialize in?

We have more than a decade as a full-service web development and digital marketing agency, serving clients in a wide range of industries. We specialize in both B2B and B2C eCommerce along with manufacturing, medical, real estate, home services and stone fabrication, senior living facilities, legal, and other industries. Our primary goal is to deliver real, tangible results and we will never take on a project, or client within an industry sector unless we can document how we will deliver those results.

Do you offer a Guarantee for you Digital Marketing services?

Choosing the right web development and digital marketing company may be one of the most important business decisions you ever make. The right agency will work with your team hand in hand, be transparent, and above all, stand behind its work. That's how we differentiate ourselves. Comrade is among the only digital marketing agencies in the business to guarantee its work. Yep. We stand behind our team's work, guaranteeing results for select clients. With our guarantee package, we commence work at 50% of the contracted-budget and when we achieve the planned results for two consecutive months, we then transition to the full, agreed-upon rate contacted for. Contact us to see if you qualify.

What's the advantage of hiring Our Digital Agency instead of one of your many competitors?

Maybe we're biased, but we truly have a world class team and each member is an expert in his or her respective field -- from SEO to web design, content to business strategy and beyond. You also benefit from the fact that we do not outsource any of your web development or marketing services. We do everything in house and as such, are able to offer a more cost-effective, and above all, cohesive strategy for your revenue growth. And, we stand behind our team's work. Select clients enjoy our guarantee package, wherein we commence work at 50% of the contracted-budget until we reach the planned results for two consecutive months, at which point we transition to the full, agreed-upon rate. Contact us to see if you qualify.

How much do your services cost?

Each business is unique and each campaign factors in many variables. Are you looking to grow your business aggressively and quickly, or are you interested in taking a slow and steady approach? Is your website primarily meant to be informational or will it have many complex features and functionality? All of this will factor in to your overall costs. Typically, the cost for a high-performance website can range from $10,000 to $40,000 and up. The cost for digital marketing solutions varies based on your goals and how your website performs (this is why it's so important to have a well-built website). Some clients spend $2,500 per month and others as much as $10,000+ per month. Our average budget for a full marketing campaign is $4,000 per month.

How long will it take to start seeing improvements in sales?

Once a web design and development project has been completed, you will start seeing results in relatively short order, however, some aspects of your digital marketing campaign -- like SEO and content as a long-term game. Typically we start to see tangible results with SEO in about 90-days of implementation, and a steady increase in your sales moving forward from that point. PPC campaigns yield quicker results and we can typically start to see those in the first month. But remember, there is a place in your overall marketing strategy for each modality, so don't ever discount SEO or content just because it has longer ramp-up period. There are very good reasons for this which we'd be happy to explain in person or over the phone during your consultation.

Average clients see a 4.5x ROI

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